Monday, April 11, 2011

Delaware - Winning (too)

Bolstering science education is essential for U.S. prosperity is the title of an article on DelewareOnline.  Like every other article I've read lately, they claim that levels of math and science education are well behind what they should be in the United States.

What has happened in Delaware is that Dupont, along with educators in that state, have changed their curriculum and have seen great improvements in both science and math.  Outstanding!  What they don't say is what changes they made.

Everyone loves to see that students are performing better in math and science, and it even looks better when a big corporation is linked to their success (at least to that corporation).

I'd really like to know what curriculum changes they made.  Things like this are something that should not be kept a secret.  The title of the article is "... essential for U.S. prosperity"  not just Delaware (or Dupont).

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